The Noah (1974)

An extraordinary nuclear apocalypse film. The last man on earth freaks out at that fact and basically hallucinates an entire new civilisation, represented only by a welter of off-screen voices (Robert Strauss is the only actor we actually see on screen). But being God proves difficult and burdensome. Kind of difficult viewing in the first half as we try and adjust to what’s going on, but in the second half as Noah goes even more mad and the film is pretty much taken over by the soundtrack and the collage of voices, effects and historical recordings therein it becomes remarkably powerful. Here’s an interview with Daniel Bourla conducted by Phil Hall, whose article on the then almost totally unseen fillm (along with this interview) led to the film’s rediscovery and belated release. If you haven’t heard much about this film (as I hadn’t before I got a loan of it), the back story is as good as the film itself. Although contrary to Bourla’s claim, The Noah is far from the only, or even the first, one-man feature film.


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