The Da Vinci Code (2006)

I had a feeling Dan Brown’s seemingly unkillable monster book would be shit-lit not worth taking the time to read, and the plot summary I read in Fortean Times a few years ago did nothing to dissuade me. The film… well, it happened to be on TV, and against my better judgement I gave it a go. I wasn’t paying for the privilege.  And I was duly rewarded with a bit of a mess; the story-telling is pretty poor (too much information packed into the story, most of it unfurled badly), the plot is just refried Holy Blood Holy Grail, and in some ways I suppose it kind of embodies what several critics have said about how the sort of stuff Hollywood would once have put into a B production now gets put into A productions instead. After all, the narrative is basically bloated pulp, and I just thought it was a bit sad that the production of of the film didn’t embrace this more (apart, perhaps, from Ian McKellen) rather than taking itself so seriously… still, on the whole I don’t suppose I can say I was disappointed as such.


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