Dune (1984)

Almost unmitigated dogshit. The Maltin guide’s description of it as joyless, oppressive and long just about nails it; if I hadn’t read the plot summary on Wikipedia I don’t think I would’ve understood a word of it, either. The more I watched it, the more I wondered if it wasn’t in fact even worse than its reputation suggested; even the sight of Sting with a knife sticking out his neck wasn’t an adequate payoff. I have dim memories of seeing what must’ve been the “Alan Smithee” version on TV about 20 years ago, I didn’t remember much about it other than that I didn’t understand it, so when it popped up late at night on TV recently (in David Lynch’s authorised version this time), I thought I’d try it again, see how the passage of time might have changed my feelings towards it… eh.

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