Taxi Driver (1976)

I still don’t like it nearly fifteen years after my first viewing. If you really wanted to, you might take it as a perverse tribute to the film that I felt the need to watch it seven or eight times over the next couple of years to confirm that, no, I really didn’t like it and to try and understand why that was so; I can’t think of any other film I’ve disliked that I’ve watched so often nor felt such desire to understand why I didn’t like. Eventually I laid at least some of the blame at the feet of Cybill Shepherd, but after having finally seen it again after many years of avoidance, I see that was unfair. I’m just BORED by the whole thing, not just Betsy. Plus now it just looks to me like it’s trying to pretend it’s something more than just a kind of empty exploitation movie. I think I finally just realised there is nothing going on in this film that interests me, and that it won’t have the happier reappraisal I’ve given quite a few films that made a poor impression on me first time round; I can’t currently imagine any reason why I’ll ever want to watch this again.


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