[REC] (2007)

Finally caught up with this acclaimed Hispanic horror on TV. Pleasingly, it did seem to survive most of the hype, though I’d hesitate to use the adjective “masterpiece”. I don’t think it does much that’s original apart from the idea of the biological cause for demonic possession (at least I don’t think I’ve seen that before), but what it does, it does effectively enough. The limited locations are used well, the shakycam allows for a few decent shocks, and, best of all, it’s over and done with in just 75 minutes; a lot of filmmakers could learn from that of efficiency. Barring a fairly gaping plot hole whereby how the tape of the events gets recovered goes unexplained, this is more like what I wish George Romero’s hugely disappointing Diary of the Dead had been like. Sequel’s out already, and I don’t often say this, but I’m interested in seeing it now.

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