The Professionals (1966)

I took a fairly random punt on this film this afternoon, which I’d never heard of before I sighted it in the TV guide and decided to give it a try… thought it was adequately entertaining, a pleasant enough way to pass a Saturday afternoon while suffering from the flu in that noisily overt way men are apt to engage in, though somehow I never entirely connected with it; it’s as professional as its title characters in its execution, it’s a totally solid example of mid-60s Hollywood setting out to make a quite straightforward genre entertainment, it’s got Lee Marvin being Lee Marvin and Burt Lancaster being Burt Lancaster (a shame that Robert Ryan and Woody Strode, the other two professionals, don’t get as much attention), so maybe it was just me and my somewhat vague brain. I did take notice of the classification warning before the film, which promised low level coarse language and nudity, and, well, I for one don’tnormally expect a 1966 Hollywood film to do that… but then again, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? had broken the language barrier earlier that year and the Production Code was in terminal decline, so…

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