Moon Zero Two (1969)

The funky score! The groovy animated titles! The wigs and costumes! The late 60s design! The go-go dancers! The “Hammer Films production” credit…HANG ON A MINUTE. I  mean, I knew Michael Carreras was trying to diversify Hammer away from its gothic standards by then, and I would’ve actually read about this film in Sinclair McKay’s book, but there’s still something weird about seeing Hammer credited with this… Obviously inspired by 2001 and the Moon landings (appearing just three months after Mr Armstrong’s giant leap), it’s an evidently sincere attempt at a serious SF film somewhat let down by its more obviously dated aspects and its somewhat cheap and cheerful effects (Hammer clearly weren’t working on Kubrick’s or NASA’s budget). But quite entertaining for the most part (though it might benefit from tighter narrative), and a SF film with a villain called Hubbard can never be entirely bad.


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