Ashes and Diamonds (1958)

Again I find myself cursing whatever dickhead borrowed this disc from the library before; I wouldn’t have thought that DVDs in the Polish section of the library—and yes, I actually did borrow the Polish DVD release (what does it say about me that I’d go that length rather than watch my own taped-off-cable VHS of the same film? Clearly I am become a 16:9 snob) from a section of my local library I didn’t even know existed until a few weeks ago—would get as damaged as the ones on regular loan, but I’d have been wrong. Consequently I must’ve been unable to watch 20-25 minutes of the fucking thing just because of it skipping about and bits being unwatchable, so I never got into it as much as I wanted. Shame, cos it looked like a pretty good film, if perhaps not quite the masterpiece it’s usually called. Glad to see what I did; maybe I’ll just have to make do with the VHS until I can get a DVD copy my player won’t choke on…


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