It’s All True (1993)

Half a century after Orson Welles was forced to abandon one of his follow-ups to Citizen Kane in South America (while two others, The Magnificent Ambersons and Journey Into Fear, were interfered with back in Hollywood), this approximation of what part of the film might have been like appeared. To be honest, I think I preferred the documentary on Welles’ decidedly unfortunate Brazilian adventures before the reconstruction of “Four Men on a Raft” rather than the Welles film itself… but then it’s not exactly a “Welles film”, is it, it’s a mass of footage shot by Welles cut together by someone else without his authorisation. Which I know can be said of quite a few of his films but even so. I could never lose the feeling that Welles would’ve done it differently; likely he would’ve added a narration and used a much better score. Still, though not an entirely satisfying experience, something that Welles admirers should see. As for me, I was interested to see Beatrice Welles’ name in the credits; given the way that she and the Welles estate would later turn nasty over attempts to restore and screen some of her old man’s unreleased work (and even some of his released work), I couldn’t help wondering why she apparently had no problems with this one (and also apparently had no issues with it being released on DVD either).


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