La notte (1961)

I really should give L’avventura another go; I found myself bored by it when I first saw it on TV years ago and never finished it, but I suspect I should give it a second chance. Especially now that I’ve seen the next film in Antonioni’s “trilogy”, or “tetralogy” if you count Red Desert with the three monochrome films, and found it interesting (though not exactly easy viewing). And what I said about desperate sadness in my last post holds true here too: essentially it’s the story of a marriage falling apart, and the participants in same being confronted with the basic emptiness of their respective existences. The problem of their lives is pretty well summed up at the end when the husband fails to recognise a love letter he himself wrote. I don’t think it’s quite as open-ended as is usually claimed; whether the marriage carries on or not after the story’s conclusion, it’s impossible to escape the feeling that either way it’ll end badly.


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