Save the Green Planet! (2003)

Save the Green Planet“Fucked-up” is one fairly adequate way of summarising this film about a man who believes the Earth is about to be invaded by aliens from Andromeda, and so, as part of his strategy to save the Earth, he kidnaps a businessman he suspects of being an alien and tortures him. Seems designed for instant cult status, but is it actually any good? That, alas, is a question I’m unsure of… I quite like a good bit of genre hopping and this has that in spades, but it seems to have far greater trouble handling its tonal shifts, and I think the decision to present at least some of its material seriously undermines it; there’s too great a clash between those scenes and the more comic/camp business. Also, I’m not sure the film is really quite as batshit loony as it thinks it is; its high point of inspiration is a brilliant retelling of Genesis where apes evolve from humans and back again, but nothing else is quite so great as this. Factor in a rather obvious and slightly muffed concluding “irony”, and I’ve got to say I was left less fulfilled by this than I was hoping to be.

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