Taxi to the Dark Side (2007)

I shouldn’t admit this, probably, but I was almost starting to feel sorry for George W. Bush by the end of his reign. Oliver Stone’s film about him only reinforced my suspicion that he wasn’t the true evil behind his own regime, and that the real power was being wielded by the likes of Cheney and Rumsfeld. After his still-baffling 2004 election victory (terrific work, Mr Moore), things really started turning to shit with Hurricane Katrina, Democrats retaking Congress, the rats gradually abandoning the sinking ship over the next couple of years… really, when Barack Obama’s inauguration day came, I can only suppose he must’ve been relieved. At last George fils could let someone take over the job he was never really suited for and slip quietly back into the mediocrity from which—for his own good, at least, if not that of the rest of humanity—he probably shouldn’t have been allowed to emerge.

A bit over a year since W. flew off into the sunset, I’ve seen  Alex Gibney’s Taxi to the Dark Side and as far as Bush goes, frankly, fuck the little cunt. Whether or not he was the real power behind his regime, it still bore his name. In 50 years, once the dust has settled and all the participants are dead, people will look back at the first decade of this century and ask “how the hell did THAT happen?”, and they’ll hold up films like this as supporting evidence. It doesn’t entirely accept the “we wuz just following orders” defence and yet it doesn’t just demonise the soldiers; its venom is reserved for those who gave the orders, who it views as having failed to adequately support them and having made scapegoats of them to protect themselves from the condemnation they richly deserve themselves. Alas, in 50 years time I’m sure there’ll still be some clowns who’ll look at this and still be unable to understand just why it was the Muslim world had such antipathy for the West…

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