Let the Right One In (2008)

Well, there was a disappointment I hadn’t been expecting. I said earlier that I think horror films ideally work best at shorter lengths, so I was a bit concerned to discover this one weighs in at nearly two hours. Alas, it proved an illustration of the rule, being too long to sustain the thrills it didn’t seem that interested in providing anyway. Cos the vampire isn’t the monster in the film; she drinks folk’s blood, yes, but the film’s not really about her. It’s about a boy who’s bullied at school and the friendship he forms with this girl who happens to be, well, undead. Obviously not a conventional horror film, and so the conventional horror action is comparatively minimal… never an inherently bad thing, of course, in a genre that’s prone to excess it’s nice to witness someone opting for restraint instead. It’s just that the film doesn’t really offer an awful lot more; the boy is a bit of a wet rag and there’s just something offputting about the girl playing the vampire that I can’t put my finger on. No one else in the film comes across as particularly interesting or sympathetic, and the whole thing struck me being just as grim and unengaging as the early 80s suburban Stockholm winter setting of the story. A letdown.

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