City of the Living Dead (1980)

“This morning she was inside a coffin in the funeral home, and now she’s here in my kitchen…”

I wonder what H.P. Lovecraft would’ve made of the many and various films inspired by his works. Probably a bonfire. At any rate I wonder if he would’ve recognised his Dunwich in this Italian charmer, which is plagued by a horror rather different to the offspring of Yog-Sothoth. The gates of Hell have been opened by a priest hanging himself in the cemetery for no discernible reason, but then again pretty much everything in this film seems to happen for no discernible reason either (particularly the jungle sound effects which make less sense than anything in the film other than the incomprehensible ending)… I do quite like the teleporting zombies, cos they do kind of get around the issue of zombies being dangerous only if you let them catch you in a way that’s more interesting than letting the zombies run. And the gore effects are fairly spectacular if you like that sort of thing; problem is, I’ve never been keen on splatter for splatter’s sake… for me the bit of gore I liked best was probably the simplest bit, the shot of the blood dripping from the ceiling into the glass of milk. Otherwise, chalk it up as another Fulci film whose appeal eludes me…


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