Freddy Got Fingered (2001)

Me and my mate Brendan are currently engaged in a round of DVD swapping that will likely last years cos each of us has so much that the other doesn’t. For the moment I’m trusting Brendan’s judgement as to what he thinks I need to see, which is pretty much the sole reason I watched this, cos I wouldn’t have picked it by myself, being familiar as I already was with its, well, reputation. I mean, when Ebert gives a film no stars, you’d think there’d have to be some reason for that… I was, of course, prepared to accept Brendan’s statement that he wouldn’t recommend it if he didn’t think it was genuinely good, and it is starting to develop an actually positive following, so I stuck it in the player tonight to see which side I came down on… somehow, as soon as it got to the horse wanking scene, I just knew. I’m trying to remember the last film I saw trying this desperately hard to be obnoxious to so little effect and with so few brains, a handful of actually amusing bits being more than offset by the general cack-handedness of the whole thing, the total absence of charm possessed by Tom Green’s lead fuckwit, and the complete pointlessness of the “emotional” moments. Read the Jabootu review, which dissects it in more detail than you’d want but is infinitely funnier than the film itself, and shed a silent tear with me at the thought that it cost $14-15 million to make this thing; I’d wonder how they managed that but I’m afraid I’d find out. Surely one of the worst films ever produced by a major Hollywood studio.

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