A Blade in the Dark (1983)

It took only a few minutes to realise that Brian Lindsey was right about one thing in his review of this film (another one from the Brendan DVD library): the English scripting and dubbing job on this film is fucking awful, although by the same token it does make you wonder if the script was the fault of the translator(s) or did the Italian original just give the English renderer(s) nothing to work with. Either way, the post-sync job is the sort of thing that used to put me off Italian films generally. Of course, the film’s pacing presents another problem, though that may be down to the film apparently having been made as a TV miniseries… seems the TV network decided it might just be a little too nasty so it was released theatrically instead (though the DVD’s widescreen framing suggests it must’ve been filmed with theatrical release in mind). As such, it’s a lot slower than it probably should be and it takes a while for not an awful lot to happen, until things suddenly pick up in what would’ve been the last episode. Maybe if Lamberto Bava had just made it as a cinema film and tightened it up to under 90 minutes, it might’ve been more of a grabber; as it stands it’s not actually bad but it’s the sort of thing that could’ve been a lot better. Mind you, I will give it points for originality in one area; I don’t believe I’ve ever seen celluloid film used to strangle someone anywhere else…


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