I Drink Your Blood (1970)

I just read the other day that David Durston had passed on at the unexpectedly ripe old age of 88; I’d no idea he was as old as that. And only last year, apparently, he was talking up a possible remake of his notorious “classic” I Drink Your Blood. It seemed only right to pull it off the shelf and watch it again… Home to one of the least plausible plots I can ever remember encountering—Satanic hippie gang gets stranded in nearly abandoned town, start terrorising the handful of remaining locals, young boy takes revenge by injecting meat pies with blood from a rabid dog, Satanic hippies eat pies, all hell etc. etc.—and famously given an X rating solely for its now perhaps comical gore (I mean, that severed head for fuck’s sake), the film is unquestionably grotty and low-rent, and yet possessed of an odd period charm… or something, anyway; I’m not sure what, but there’s something about the film that makes it watchable in a way that a lot of “Bad Cinema” isn’t really, it’s well enough made within its obvious limitations (El Santo offers this harsh but fair description of the acting quality) and the presence of a synthesiser on the soundtrack is surprising. It’s hard to actually call it a good film per se, and it may remain better known for its famous advertising campaign, but it was a fun watch for this hellishly wet afternoon and remains a must for epic trash connoisseurs.


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