Hardgore (1974)

Look, I’ve seen Through the Looking Glass, so it’s not like I don’t know about the crossover trend in the 70s between the horror film and the hardcore film or can’t envisage what such a film might be like. And I’d read about this particular film, and the scene with the penises. You know, the disembodied ones with the sparklers. (And yes, I kind of am dreading to think what sort of search requests will come in the direction of this blog now… actually, “come” was probably a poor choice of words in this case.) There are, though, as I think I’ve noted before, certain things that just reading about them doesn’t adequately prepare you for the reality (or if your prefer surreality) of them, and Hardgore provides an example. I saw it as part of Alpha Blue Archives’ Satanic Sickies collection, which I have on loan from someone who, well, let’s just say I wasn’t surprised to find he owned it for some reason. Of course, it comes from the mythical Golden Age,  a time people get excited about because the porn films of that time were actual films with actual plots, as if plot was ever the point… for what it’s worth, the plot here involves a girl confined to a hospital to be treated for nymphomania, where she encounters a Satanic sex cult. And that’s about it in story terms; the rest is incidental detail like lesbianism, pillow fucking, necrophilia… There’s actually one really well-shot (oh GOD/DESS the poor choices of words just keep coming, as it were) sex scene that ends with one actually effective horror scene where our heroine hallucinates a room full of dead girls returning to life, followed by sparkly penis bukkake (KILL ME NOW), but I’m damned if I can work out what else you can really say about a film like this. Other than that if you want to feel profoundly strange watching a film, Hardgore will help. Particularly the last couple of minutes.

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