A Boy and His Dog (1975)

I’m going to reserve judgement on this, cos although I couldn’t say I liked it at all I don’t think the film was served at all either by First Run Features’ rather shabby DVD treatment—non-anamorphic transfer, kind of average source print, and mediocre at best sound… there were times I wondered if they hadn’t used a VHS master rather than the laserdisc master they apparently did use (or, rather, the one the company who originally released the thing on DVD back in 1997 used; First Run basically seem to have just cloned that version), especially right at the very end once the credits were finished and the MPAA R rating thing appeared, which seemed strange cos I’d have thought people might’ve worked out the film was R-rated by that point, and all of a sudden what looks like a trailer for something else plays but then stops abruptly and it goes back to the DVD menu. Curious. Anyway, as I said, I didn’t find the film that enjoyable (and I really didn’t like Tim McIntire’s voice for the dog, it didn’t work for me at all), but I will concede a better DVD presentation might not make it look so poor. I will, however, ask this about one particular aspect of the film, i.e. Harlan Ellison’s loathing of the film’s “moronic, hateful chauvinist last line”, not actually written by him: one, why didn’t he insist upon its removal, and two, if he thought that line, which he didn’t write, was hateful and chauvinist, what about the rest of the film which is based on what he did write? All that last line actually does is make kind of explicit the ending of the original story, which implies the same thing as the film shows us. And Vic, the hero, is still a predatory rapist who’ll apparently fuck anything with a vagina and a pulse (well, as one scene implies, maybe not even the latter) and uses Blood the dog to sniff females out for him to have his way with, much as Ellison wrote him. Mind you, it wouldn’t be Harlan Ellison if he couldn’t find something to be a total shitcock about…


One thought on “A Boy and His Dog (1975)

  1. Brendan September 25, 2010 at 3:56 am

    I think this film is a *bit* awesome (obviously), but this is still an epic review XD

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