Teenage Zombies (1959)

And at the other end of the horror genre’s artistic spectrum… I should admit upfront to only getting through about 20 (out of 69) minutes of this thing, which I’m only acknowledging here because a few months ago I made this post, which I quote:

…I don’t think you can really live an aesthetic life composed entirely of refined high art without one of those lower urges demanding recognition.  Which is why at some point in the near future this blog will contain reviews of Hiroshima mon amour and Teenage Zombies

Well, I finally watched the former in August and attempted to watch the latter tonight, and I’ll leave you to guess which was the more successful venture. I mean, I know what Teenage Zombies is about—mad scientist in Communist employ tries to turn Americans into zombies—and I knew going in that Jerry Warren was apparently one of the worst hacks ever to get mixed up in this sort of filmmaking, so I was hardly expecting a masterpiece… I still wasn’t adequately prepared for an experience so stupid I could feel my IQ going down as I watched; I had to switch the fucking thing off just to save what was left of my own intelligence. It wasn’t even the sort of film like The Terror where you could look at it and say “well, this public domain 16mm print is fucking awful but at least it probably looked better in the original 35mm print” cos it doesn’t look like it was made with even that degree of care, skill or interest…

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