Problems only I have

I keep an Excel spreadsheet which lists all the films I see, as well as all the ones I own and ones I’ve still to watch. This is a screenshotof part of the latter:

That’s five out of about 70-odd films I’ve got waiting for me on DVD that I’ll be reviewing at some point in the next few months. And up until now, in going through the backlog, you may have observed me taking a somewhat broadly chronological approach to the task. Unfortunately, by the time I get to the 1980s that approach will present me with a certain issue. Can you see what it is? Yes, that’s right: if I go about it chronologically, I’m going to be doing two “Ozploitation” films, a French sexploitation film, a Hong Kong actioner, and right in the middle of them I’ll be doing a nine-hour documentary on the fucking Holocaust. One of these things is not like the other indeed. I might have to rethink chronology as a method…


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