The Pyjama Girl Case (1977)

As far as I can see, at least three, maybe four, of this film’s characters have different names spoken in the film to those given in the IMDB’s credits list. I’m fairly sure my hearing isn’t getting that bad and surely there’s only so much you can blame mediocre 70s dubbing for. Wanted to watch this for a few reasons: 1) to finally understand what’s going on in the trailer, which I’ve seen many times without being able to decipher it (and now I see a surprising number of shots in it I don’t think were even in the film, not to mention how it shuffles various bits of sound and vision from their respective places in the film itself); 2) Dalila di Lazzaro, who I find perfectly pleasing to look at and had many opportunities to do so here (but isn’t her character supposed to be Dutch? Couldn’t they get someone to actually dub her with that accent?); and 3) it’s based on an actual Australian true crime and filmed here too, though for the most part it doesn’t offer the same “ooh, there’s somewhere I know” jollies that Dead End Drive-In offered me. Fairly faithful to the details of the story, albeit relocating it from 1930s Albury to 1970s Sydney; the film’s story is kind of split in two, the police investigation into the case and the sexual misadventures of a young lady called Linda who’s been dividing her attention between three different men; it’s a bit puzzling the way the film flicks from one to the other although you know the two must connect, and then it struck me just how they would. It’s the same narrative stunt used in Rendition, and it annoyed me here as much as it did there; now I can’t believe it took me even that long to work it out. There’s the idea that the film is really about its immigrant characters’ experience of isolation and loneliness, but I don’t think the film’s good enough to actually make that work. Prime example of one of those not especially good films that should be remade better…


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