Texas, Adios (1966)

I have to say the western isn’t really a favourite genre of mine, I don’t normally go and make a point of hunting them down in the way I do with, say, horror films. And the western all’Italiana has always baffled me a bit, cos I’ve never entirely understood exactly what really set Euro-horse operas apart from their American fellows (cf. my previously expressed puzzlement over the giallo). This may be because I’ve just never actually seen enough of the things, of course, compared with my many forays into the horror genre; at any rate, I see this film described in various other reviews as being more “American” in style than most spaghetti westerns, so I am no further enlightened. Franco Nero is the Texan sheriff (I still can’t tell if his name is meant to be Bert, Burt or even Bart) who heads south into Spain… sorry, Mexico to track down the man who killed his father years ago and bring him to justice; this latter has become something of a potentate in this region and the ordinary folk live in some not unjustified fear of him. Bert, or whatever his name is, is accompanied on this mission by his younger brother, who is definitely called Jim but whose only real purpose in the narrative seems to be to serve as a plot twist around two-thirds of the way through the film. It’s reasonably rootin’ and tootin’, I suppose, although when I notice the editing of some of the fight scenes is decidedly strange then you know it’s got problems, and the big gunfight near the end when the ordinary folk take up arms against their oppressor is nice but it doesn’t actually do anything really. The whole film certainly looks nice but I can’t say I was exactly blown away by it. Still, like I said, maybe I’m just not familiar enough with the genre or something…


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