Zombi 3 (1988)

Apparently Lucio Fulci came up with the flying zombie head. That appears to be the only definite thing I can say regarding who did what on this piece of epic shit, whose production was so infamously horrendous that no one seem to know (or be willing to say if they do know) who to blame for it. Flora Film hired Fulci to make a follow-up to Zombie Flesh Eaters from a script by Claudio Fragasso; I don’t think any of the accounts of the film’s (un)making I’ve read agree on exactly what happened next. Fulci hated the script and kept rewriting it. Fulci only filmed a few minutes. Fulci walked off the production before it was finished due to ill-health/hating the script/hating the Philippines where it was being shot. Fulci finished the film, though it only ran some 50 minutes. At some point Flora hired Fragasso and Bruno Mattei to do reshoots and/or take over the production. The end result is mostly Fulci’s work, or Mattei’s work, or Fragasso’s work. The latter has since claimed he didn’t even write most of the script, and that it was really his wife’s work, while Mattei apparently said he always considered it to be a Fulci film (and Flora insisted Fulci retain sole directorial credit) although some people who I presume know more about these things than me reckon it feels and behaves more like a Mattei film than anything. We apparently know the flying zombie head was Fulci’s idea cos he actually said so in an interview. All of this bollocks is more interesting than anything in the film itself, which I watched only for two reasons: 1) it’s featured in the Drive-In Delirium film trailers compilation and I’m kind of trying to see all of those films (god/dess help me) and 2) Ulli Reinthaler, the little chick in the green shirt, looks awfully cute in said trailer (though the copy I scammed from Youtube—what, you thought I’d actually pay money for this?—is so poor you don’t really get a good look at her). Not the best reasons to watch Zombi 3, but then I’m not sure there actually is a good one…


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