Virgin Witch (1972)

Apparently this film is also known in some quarters as Lesbian Twins. Fortunately—at least in my not terribly humble opinion—the film does not actually contain Tegan & Sara, although, less fortunately, it doesn’t contain a great deal else… well, there are twins (possibly) and lesbianism, and rather a lot of nudity, but beyond that I’m not sure. VW was apparently shot in 1970 but not released until 1972 because the BBFC actually banned the thing, probably because of the copious tits and dykery (is that a word?), and a good case can probably be made that it should never have been released at all; certainly stars Ann and Vicki Michelle would apparently prefer you not to mention its existence… At any rate, it is totally of its time in its fascination with witchcraft and sex, the former being seemingly inseparable from the latter back then (cf. the early coverage of the Church of Satan around that time). In this instance, Ann Michelle’s runaway teenager decides to go into modelling, landing with an agency that’s really a front for a witches’ coven, whose High Priestess is a lesbian. Having already evinced certain interesting talents, young Ann takes this rather in her stride—the nudity, the lesbianism, the witchery, all of it—and in fairness, like this review observes, the film really does do something interesting here by giving us this gang of odd people who like to get their kit off and dance strangely and dropping a real witch in among them. What a pity the film didn’t do more with this rather good idea; I’ll grant that the initiation scene is quite well filmed (the whole thing actually looks better on DVD than it probably should), but that’s about it, alas. Not as bad as it easily could’ve been, but equally nowhere near as good either…


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