Erotic Nights of the Living Dead (1980)

There are some films you watch solely to be able to say you’ve seen them. This is one of those. Admittedly, I suspect the possibilities of using the sentence “hey, I saw this film called Erotic Nights of the Living Dead the other day” are fairly limited, though I’m sure they exist… I’m just not entirely sure I want to know what they are. I remember being slightly stunned when I first read about this (and its companion piece Porno Holocaust), largely because of the title… and then, by god/dess, I actually found the thing for sale in a shop. That was kind of head-fucking; it’s one thing to read about a film like this and know it exists, but actually holding a DVD copy of it in your hand is another. The logical (?) next step, of course, was to buy the damn thing, and though I tried to convince myself I could live without actually seeing the film, I failed… And needless to say, yeah, I could easily have lived without ever seeing this, but hey, now I can actually say I’ve seen a film called Erotic Nights of the Living Dead (another winner from Signor D’Amato), which is probably more than can be said for you if you’re lucky. Actually, I find I have the version without the full hardcore scenes, although I’m not actually going to complain about this fact; the thought of watching another twelve minutes of people fucking doesn’t entice me. If you ever suspected the sex film and the zombie film were an ill-fitting mix, this will only further convince you (depending on how you view the scene where Laura Gemser goes to give one of the male leads a blow job but bites his penis off instead). As a final distinction, it has possibly the least believable day-for-night filming I’ve ever seen. At least now I know that if I ever see Porno Holocaust available anywhere, I’ll be better off leaving it on the shelf…


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