July summary

I’ve seen a few other bloggers doing this sort of thing, so why not me as well…

Anyway, as I said a while ago, July was grindhouse/exploitation month over at the ICheckMovies forum, in the interests of participating in which I have subjected myself to quite a lot of crap in the last few weeks. This was also a good opportunity to clear a few unwatched titles from the Drive-In Delirium list, too, and that kind of dictated which particular titles I watched (there being only a few that didn’t crop up on that list). Great opportunity to clear a bunch of stuff off my seemingly unkillable backlog of films as well (ICM forum challenges being predicated on participants only watching films they haven’t seen before).

It didn’t quite go as planned, though, thanks to my bright idea of watching things mostly as double bills (e.g. combining Hells Angels 69 with Werewolves on Wheels, because bikes; Death Race 2000 and Deathsport cos they were kind of a pair anyway and were sold together, etc). And sometimes this was fun (those two films by Mattei and Lenzi) and sometimes it wasn’t (the Joe D’Amato double—YIKES!), but either way it was a salutary experience. Basically I learned this much:

1) Watching too much of this sort of thing in close succession like that is wearing. That’s why I actually haven’t watched anything for over a week. The weekend before last, I actually made up a list of about 20 more titles I wanted to watch, but I just couldn’t do it. I’d have had to get through them in double bill form and I think I’d kind of peaked already. Too much of a good (?) thing. (Incidentally, this is kind of why I actually don’t take part in most of the ICM forum challenges…)

2) It appears I really can’t watch as many films as other folks seem to do; some of the other forum members seem to have no problem watching three or four features a day, which I could do quite easily—availability of time is not exactly a problem when you’re on disability like me and have no work to go to or anything like that—but I just don’t have that sort of mental energy to take in that many films in such short order. Especially not when I’m also trying to work out what to say about them on the blog. But I think that even if I didn’t have the blog (and my veritable legions—LEGIONS, I tell you—of fans) to report to, I still couldn’t actually watch that many films in one day… even two is sometimes a bit much.

Having said all of which, I’m taking part in this month’s challenge, which is pre-1930s films, so there’ll be quite a few of those appearing here in the next few weeks, and I’ve no doubt at least some of them will be best viewed in double bill form. As for those films I didn’t do for the July challenge, I’ll get around to those anyway at some point. There’ll be a horror challenge in October that I might save them for. Or maybe not.

Highlight of the month: probably Death Race 2000, which is a near perfect example of the sort of thing it is. Lean, nasty, hugely entertaining.
Lowlight of the month: A Bunch of Undead Foreigners Go After a Sex-Mad Property Developer and His Associates… sorry, that Joe D’Amato thing. You know the one I mean.

Some recent purchases: I got a bunch of Fassbinders recently cos a bunch of Director’s Suite titles have been going cheap, and less than $20 for three films seemed like a fair deal. Also a couple of recent Eclipse sets (the Czech new wave and Robert Downey ones). So all these things and more will make an appearance on here at some point… and won’t it be nice to have some more actually respectable titles here too? The trash has its place too, of course, but I think I may have had a little too much of it lately… Think I’ll get underway with new reviews tomorrow.


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