August summary

May as well write this now, I suppose, as I rather doubt I’ll be watching anything tonight…

Anyway, August, yeah. Kind of a crap month, eh? Whatever that malaise was that hit me in the last part of July continued to loiter for most of this month too… I partook of that pre-1930s challenge at the ICheckMovies forum, but I was slow to start and I never exactly got into the swing of things, though I actually did watch slightly more than I actually reviewed here; I just couldn’t really be arsed reviewing everything. God/dess knows the problem wasn’t lack of stuff to watch, but inclination to watch it was. Maybe I’m just going through one of my periodic slumps (had a pretty poor one back in February). And other things have needed done

At any rate, the ICM forum challenge this month was a marked washout for me, so I’m holding off participating in any of the September challenges (though I might take part in the horror challenge in October, we’ll see), and instead I’m just going to try and burn through some of my ever-expanding backlog. The latter has recently blown up to four hundred and sixty-five titles, thanks to the wonders of Youtube, where people are posting vast resources of stuff (it is a genuine goldmine if you know where to dig), and, which lets me download this shit, so I can, er, exploit someone else’s broadband, shall we say—why use up my own when there’s a vastly superior university network I can borrow instead? They owe me anyway—without having to add software that I wouldn’t be able to add anyway.

As such, over the last few weeks I’ve downloaded literally hundreds of things from the Tube of You, and the to-watch list has attained frankly terrifying proportions as a result. 465, at last count, as I said. Needless to say, I’m damned if I can think of where to start with it, and I wonder if that hasn’t affected my viewing, or relative lack there of. You know, the whole thing of what do I do with this fucking list other than just stare at it in horror while I try to work out what I should actually watch from it next (and probably fail in the attempt).

Now this is ludicrous for many reasons, and the approximate approach I’m taking with it is to give priority to those films which are on an ICM checklist, then to films on my own Drive-In Delirium list (of which I currently have… *checks* over 150, which is kind of fucking stupid), then everything else. Much of the latter is stuff I admittedly don’t know much about, I just grabbed it when I was going through someone’s channel in case it might be interesting. How much of it I’ll necessarily watch if I’m not getting an ICM check for it is something I don’t know.

So, highlight of the month: probably a film I actually didn’t review, a short piece of Japanese animation from 1929, which I only heard of thanks to this blog post here. Kobu-Tori is its name and I commend it totally to you.
Lowlight of the month: another film I didn’t review, Kino Eye. There seemed to be a bit of bemusement when Sight & Sound released the results of their 2012 film poll and Man with the Movie Camera was in the top 10, so that inspired me to check out one of his earlier films (which I found at Ubu). Now, Man took me a number of viewings to “get” when I first saw it at university nearly 20 years ago, but at least I did think the effort was worth it. I can’t see myself being similarly rewarded by watching Kino Eye again.

I may start trying to whittle down my increasingly immortal backlog (it would probably help if I didn’t also buy new DVDs while adding to the digital pile) by clearing out the DVD box sets I’ve accrued… think I’ve got four different Eclipse collections, three Fassbinder sets, and a few more besides. Or maybe I won’t. If I’m not doing a formal ICM forum challenge I might feel less constrained by what I “should” watch and so actually do better… need to try, anyway.


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