Looks like I’m going to be participating in this:

The Italian Horror Blogathon returns! Many people have helped in making this a success in the past. I hope you’ll all return this year. As you may know, I have no set criteria for what you need to write about. It could be a film about cannibals, zombies, or black-gloved killers. Some people like to focus on the giallo and the films of the ‘60s and ’70s – specifically Bava, Martino, Deodato, and Argento; while others prefer the ‘80s/early ’90s era of Italian horror focusing on films by the likes of Argento, Michele Soavi, Lamberto Bava and Lucio Fulci. Whatever it is that you want to cover, it’s okay by me as long as it follows this simple criteria: it’s horror, and it’s from Italy.  All I ask is that you link to the blogathon in your post; I’ll keep a running links post at the top of the page every day during the blogathon.

So we’ll be going all’Italiana here at The Cameraman’s Revenge during that week, since I’ve accrued a reasonable amount of Italian stuff; I’ve already offered a consideration of Michele Soavi’s The Church, but no doubt there’ll be a fair bit more than that…


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