November summary

Another kind of quiet month on the blog, I know, but I actually did watch a bit more than I actually reviewed. Despite what I said last month, I actually did take part in two ICheckMovies forum challenges; the difference this time was that I didn’t actively devote my whole month’s viewing attention to them, just approached them both fairly casually. And one of them, the martial arts/samurai one, permitted rewatches, so I rewatched a couple of items I’ve reviewed here before, no need to review them again though. Other things I rewatched that I’ve reviewed before included Suspiria (still great) and Mother and Son, which I actually quite seriously disliked on this second viewing; I wasn’t bowled over on first viewing a few months ago and I really didn’t like it when I watched it again a few nights ago. Also Martin Scorsese’s Personal Journey Through American Movies, which I should actually do a proper review of some time.

Challenges at the ICM forum this month: Russia and the 1980s. Don’t think I’ll be taking part in either of those.

Otherwise most of what I have written about here has been rewatches too, as you may have noticed, particularly of films I haven’t watched in an awfully long time (about 20 years in the case of Ivan the Terrible, nearly 10 for Kane). I did indicate last month that I might do something like this, and getting reacquainted with some old stuff has been nice. I think I shall do more of it during December… At the moment I’m considering going through some more 1001 Movies titles that I haven’t seen for a while, might spice them up with some from that list that I haven’t seen.

One thing I do know I need to do is this: when I buy new DVDs, watch the fucking things. Sit down with them as soon as possible after purchasing and watch them. Don’t just let them accrue in the way I tend to do. But in general I think I need to worry less about following some sort of program of watching or letting my viewing be dictated by some theme like the ICM forum challenge du jour and just go with my own inclinations wherever they lead me… that was partly why I stopped the Silent Sunday feature, you know, in case I wanted to write about a silent film on another day of the week and not be constrained…

And I do need to worry less about the backlog of never-watched downloaded stuff, which has only expanded lately to even stupider proportions than before, of course. There’s a good deal of it I will in fact likely never watch, particularly in the cheesy 60s/70s horror vein… as a general rule, if I haven’t actually bought it on DVD (i.e. I’ve scammed it from Youtube or something), and it’s not on one of the lists I’m working on, I’m giving it a lot lower priority than something that does meet those conditions. But I’m trying not to worry too much about it any more anyway. It’ll all keep.


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