January summary

A markedly quieter month than I’d intended. My film viewing has been lessened somewhat by my other project, known unofficially as DIGITISE ALL THE CDS TO FLAC FORMAT, which received some fresh impetus last week when I finally bought the new external drive I’ve been needing to buy for quite a while, so that I now actually have the digital storage space I require to hold the 600 or so discs I still have to rip… yikes. Plus there’s been other things like reading, having to make a radio show, the odd bit of socialising (yes, actual getting out among actual people), and two rather epic heatwave days where the temperature broke 40 degrees, thanks to which I frankly didn’t have the mental strength for watching anything. Heat and I are not a good mix, really.

Still, I’ve managed to get through a number of unwatched 1001 Movies list titles, some of which have been loitering in the DVD stacks for a while… I’ve still got a lot to watch, of course, having turned up quite a few on Youtube in recent months. At least my backlog of unwatched titles isn’t expanding quite as fast as it was, I don’t seem to be downloading quite as much from YT in the last few weeks, which is a good thing considering how much stuff is on there; it really doesn’t need to be expanding too fast.

I think I’ve come to the realisation that I just don’t “do” structured, organised viewing like the ICheckMovies forum challenges or my own half-arsed ideas (like, you know, watching my entire backlog in chronological order), cos I get bored with them after a while. Hence why I’m actually kind of pleased by my own admittedly limited success this month in sticking to my “plan” to stick to unwatched titles in January, primarily 1001 list films. Not much of a success, given that I wound up not watching nearly as many films as I actually wanted to, and that I actually did do a fair bit of rewatching (mainly of films I’ve reviewed here already, like the Bond films which 7 dusted off again over the Xmas/New Year period), but still… Anyway, catching up on the classics has been good. Even if I haven’t, you know, necessarily enjoyed some of them as much as I’d hoped, it’s still nice to feel a bit more “cine-literate” or something. As such, I suppose I shall be continuing mostly with the 1001 list for a while.

As a final note: one thing I’m not doing this year like a lot of other film bloggers is a blind spot list. Partly because last year’s attempt was a pretty miserable failure (that structured viewing thing again), but partly because, frankly, there’s too many blind spots in my viewing to be able to reduce them to a list of just one a month. Instead, I look at all the films I haven’t seen, particularly the major classics of yore and the newer stuff I haven’t got around to yet, as blind spots of some sort. So over the course of the year I’m probably going to be checking off more blind spots than any of you…

Best film of the month: probably Solange.
Worst of the month: Shadows.


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