So what happened to February?

Oh dear.

Basically, after the first week of the month, things kind of went to shit. I don’t really want to discuss it in detail, but suffice to say ill-health (not mine, I hasten to add) kind of got in the way of life in general, let alone this blog… I just haven’t had the mental wherewithal to even watch films, let alone review them. The only exceptions to this have been a few short films I watched a few nights ago, approximately four Doctor Who DVDs (of which I’d seen three, The Reign of Terror having been part of that shrinking band of original series Who stories I’d never seen before), and almost the entirety of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection. The latter have been an especially great help in making me feel like life is still comparatively normal of late.

But things are looking up a bit here for the time being, so while the situation is not quite so bad I’m going to start getting back into the way of watching and reviewing, since I don’t want the blog to suffer nor my ever-expanding backlog of unwatched items to go unchallenged. Let’s see if we can’t do better in March at least…


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