The last few months, then…

As you may have noticed, May has been the busiest month here at the blog in rather a long time. The quiescence of the blog has been down to a few things, not least of which was Mum’s death at the end of March. She was ill for several weeks beforehand, and that pretty much wiped out most of what inclination I had to sit down and watch something. So I think I might be forgiven for not posting much here, given that I haven’t really been watching that many films… Plus there are other things that have needed done that have also demanded my time to varying degrees.

I have been watching a certain amount of TV, though, going through complete series binges of Blake’s 7 and The Goodies (the latter was vital for a while there in giving me some sense that things, as fucked as they were in reality, were still kind of “normal”, at least by my previous standards), plus some music documentaries and concert videos, and rewatching a few things I’ve reviewed here before. Los Angeles Plays Itself was one of the latter after I found a complete copy of it online.

But the Peter Cushing centennial blogathon obviously did a lot to get me back in gear, helped knock a few titles off my insane backlog of unwatched stuff. Thanks to Mr Fournier for that; if you haven’t checked it out yet, go and do so now. There’s some really terrific stuff on offer from a variety of people (I feel like a comparatively weak link compared to some of them).

I have, obviously, essentially abdicated from the challenges I was doing at the ICheckMovies forum—just taking part in a few ongoing ones, not really actively participating in them—but I’ve decided I will do the cult/drive-in challenge in June, using this list as a starting point, just to give me a bit of direction at least to begin with. Time to knock some more titles off the backlog and get the blog looking a bit more lively again…


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