September summary

Well, not bad for a blog that I more or less declared dead just a few weeks ago. Indeed, this month is the most active the blog has been since last October… what’s got me back into the way of watching stuff has actually been television. Not the new long-form stuff, which doesn’t interest me that much, but older stuff, mainly the 1960s version of Star Trek. I’ve been plowing through that in between films, having never seen more than a handful of scattered episodes over the years; just started on the third series the other night. Also I’ve lately got a bunch of BBC comedy, Blackadder, Dad’s Army, The Thick Of It, Fawlty Towers, The Young Ones, and my only concession so far to the HBO trend, series 1 of Game of Thrones.

I didn’t actually intend for this to become “Silent September” or anything like that, but so it turned out anyway. Basically I just set out to start making my way through my expanding stack of unwatched DVDs (the even vaster amount of stuff on my hard drive is something I’m trying to leave for a while until I make a more substantial dent in the physical holdings), and took the chronological approach as I tend to do when I start upon these attempts at massive clearing out that never quite work… but this month at least I managed to get most of the unwatched silents out of the way (I have two BFI volumes of early Ozu still to go plus a few others).

October will be horror month as in the past, so the selection of films will be a bit more chronologically diverse (probably geared more to rewatches than unwatched stuff though)… plus I’ll be doing the Italian horror blogathon, as noted earlier, and finally I’m going to carry out the Val Lewton rewatch project I’ve been threatening to do for over three years. Should be fairly lively here in October too…

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