The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Director: Drew Goddard

I recall local horror lovers being aghast last year when it looked like this film wasn’t going to get a theatrical release here; it had already spent ages on the shelf thanks to MGM entering bankruptcy before it could be released, AND NOW AUSTRALIANS WERE GOING TO HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE DVD JUST LIKE WE USUALLY DO! OH THE HUMANITY! And yeah, having, you know, waited for the DVD, I pretty much understand where those complaints came from; I’m not normally a lover of the film-going experience, but damn me if this wouldn’t have been a complete blast on the big screen. Especially the “chaos on every screen” climax. Not unlike Scream, Cabin takes the horror film very much as its own subject, albeit to much more interesting effect. Initially simple set-up: five nice young people get the use of the titular cabin for a weekend away, and of course, because it’s a horror movie, you just know something ghastly must happen to them by definition. The fun of the film lies in the very specific reason why these ghastly things do happen (and the semi-specific order in which they must); basically they’re in a kind of Truman Show from Hell, with a particular “audience” that needs to be kept satisfied. What ensues is a welter of references to other horror films (including a particularly amusing dig at the J-horror phenomenon), a satire upon the genre at large which is nonetheless evidently fond of the thing it’s satirising, culminating in probably the ultimate monster rally. It’s brilliantly funny (hence why I’ve also filed it under comedy) even if you don’t get all the specific nods, and massively entertaining. Best of all, by its nature the end of the film actually precludes a sequel ever being made, and it’s just so refreshing to see something not designed to be made into a series franchise. Although, admittedly, it’d be kind of interesting to see them try…

One thought on “The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

  1. Lucius Paisley October 28, 2013 at 12:51 am

    When I wasn’t bored by this movie, I just didn’t care.

    Any “comedy” that was in this, was done long before in one form or another in either BtVS or Angel.

    Highly overrated and there will be a d2dvd sequel (or worse, a prequel) within 2 years, just you wait…

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