November summary

Quiet month again for the most part, obviously. Been doing more music listening than film-watching this month; also watching a fair bit of old TV, third series of original Star Trek and a load of 1980s Doctor Who I hadn’t seen in ages… had a marathon one day of “The Two Doctors”, “Timelash” and the whole “Trial” season. The more I consider it, the more perplexed I am that my folks let me watch Doctor Who at that impressionable age (11) given that I started with Colin Baker’s first full series; how that show didn’t warp me any more than it did I’ll never know…

Anyway, December should be busier, cos the ICM forum is doing the silent cinema challenge and I’m actually “hosting” it myself, i.e. I do all the tallying of what people are watching and all of that. I have a pretty substantial amount of unwatched silents even after that clear-out a few months back, and will no doubt have tons left over once the month is finished (downloaded a stack of Scandinavian silents from Youtube lately because apparently my backlog isn’t big enough), but it’ll still be good to get at least some off the list. To December, therefore…


One thought on “November summary

  1. Lucius Paisley November 30, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    I can’t believe you started Who so late…

    Although, I started watching in 1980 (barely 5), I was catching “repeats” of Pertwee onwards.

    But back then, it used to take almost 2 years for US released movies to come to Australia cinemas…

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