Mad Foxes (1981)

Director: Paul Grau

I haven’t actually been completely slack in watching things lately, I should say; one of my recent viewings has been the two volumes of Jake West’s Video Nasties documentaries and accompanying trailer collections. For my money, the second of these was more interesting than the first, cos it covers the “Section 3” films—i.e. the ones the DPP chose not to prosecute under the Obscene Publications Act, but which were still liable to being seized by the police—of which there were actually more than the official “nasties”… it interested me, cos I don’t think I’d even heard of the “Section 3” list, and I’d certainly never heard of a number of the films thereon. This was one, and it was Stephen Thrower’s enthusiasm for the film that made me seek it out as soon as possible. Tonight, I watched it… and HOLY FUCK, Thrower’s love for this film is not misplaced. Notwithstanding a bit of mid-film sag, Mad Foxes really is astonishing; I had to keep rewinding bits to convince myself I actually had seen or heard something I thought I couldn’t possibly have seen/heard right.

It is an extraordinarily bad revenge flick; our hero—one of the least likeable film heroes I can remember ever seeing—is… I don’t know, the film never quite clarifies what he does other than drive his Chevy Stingray and pick up girls with it. And piss off bikies with it. For some reason, a gang of hoodlums on choppers take offence to him and his car, which winds up with one of them getting killed in an accident chasing him, which ends in them beating him up and raping the nice young thing with him (who we never hear of again), which culminates in him asking a friend to attack them with his gang of karate students, a battle which ends with the gang leader having his cock cut off and shoved down his throat… at which point we’re only about twenty minutes into the film—whose brief running time (only about 80 minutes) is its chief positive virtue—and there’s more to come… JESUS FUCK. The real star of the film is the staggeringly awful English dubbing, of course, and for once I’m kind of glad I didn’t insist upon hearing it in its native language, but the general feeling of mesmerisingly rank stupidity informing the entire thing would come through even in subtitled Spanish, I daresay. The surprising (and comparatively copious) male nudity certainly gives the film added interest, even if (like me) you’re not particularly into that sort of thing, and the somewhat jaw-dropping ending just left me applauding in a slightly stunned manner at its sheer WTF-ness. Basically, one of the greatest bad films I’ve ever seen.

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