Attack of the Clones (2002)

Director: George Lucas

Well, it didn’t seem as bad tonight as I remembered it being. Which is, of course, not to say that it’s particularly good as such, cos it’s not really. I recall star Ewan McGregor, indeed, being particularly scathing of it around that time, which is kind of amusing given that he’s one of the weakest links in the whole damn thing. How much of it is his fault, though? This is what I now find myself wondering… cos at the time, Hayden Christensen also copped a lot of flak for his performance as Anakin, and I knew he actually had more ability than he displays here cos I’d seen him in Shattered Glass, in which I recall him being really good, before I first saw this. So is it just down to the writing being, you know, shit? I think Christensen actually does nail the scene where he describes the Tusken slaughter, which makes me think that the crapness of so many of his other scenes being down to him not being given much to work with. Maybe that was Ewan’s problem too.

Otherwise, most of what I had to say about Phantom Menace basically applies to this too—fantastically flashy and shiny to look at (this was one of the first Hollywood films shot all-digitally) but… yeah. On the plus side, almost no Jar Jar (though as the trivia section in the film’s IMDB entry amusingly observes, he effectively brings about the end of the old Republic, making him one of the most important figures in the entire saga) and the comic relief gets passed onto C3PO, who’s better suited to it (though some of his lines are godawful). Again, though, really too much stuff going on, and Lucas seemed comparatively uninterested in keeping the lines of who’s-doing-what-when-and-why as clear as he could’ve done… possibly, admittedly, I may not have paid as much attention as I could’ve done myself, but when it came to the big climactic battle I was confused by the appearance of the clones, cos I don’t think I’d realised they were actually on the Republic’s side. Took me a while to work that out. Anyway, so much for that. Episode III will be up in due course…


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