Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)

Director: Leonard Nimoy

Now, I did say that Khan was widely considered the best Trek film, but there is also a school of thought which says this one—the first one I’ve seen on the big screen (must’ve been the 1986/87 school holiday), and hitherto the only one I’ve seen on the big screen—is the best of the bunch. I don’t know for sure if I’d agree with that, but it is a terrific way to wrap up the saga the previous two films started—the three films do make a very pleasing trilogy—boldly going where no Trek film had gone before into regions of culture-clash comedy (not to mention hammer-handed ecological themes and something approximating to romance). Voyage reprises the plot of the first film, i.e. alien probe heads for Earth to make contact with someone (or, rather, something) that isn’t there to talk to them, except this time the solution is somewhat more complicated and involves travelling back in time about 300 years… Wherein comes the clash of cultures, of course, with the crew of the Enterprise having to deal with their ancestors’ different ways, their colourful metaphors and all that (the scene with the punk on the bus is one of the best things in the film). It makes for a generally light and jolly adventure romp, an awful lot of fun though, as I said, I’m not quite convinced it’s better than Khan; but it certainly is a satisfying wrap-up of the events of the previous two films.


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